We are trialling this wiki as another way of helping you make connections in our school community. We all have something to offer and now is certainly a time when people need to be helping and supporting each other. We are trying to establish connections in many different ways. We already have our school website, classroom blogs and Helping Hands. It is hoped that through this forum parents can make connections with each other even if it is just to chat.

We will post discussion starters for you. Please remember this site is for positive discussions and problem solving. We will try to offer other perspectives where possible.
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Senior School Word Study Programme

As many of you are aware the A Team trialed a new spelling programme in Term 1. We have already asked the children and teachers for feedback and some changes have been implemented because of the feedback we received. We are now giving you an opportunity to give us some feedback on this programme via this wiki. Click on the discussion tab and post your feedback - we want to hear from you.